What people are saying.

“I’ve never considered myself a ‘yoga person’ until I started practicing with Gary and Flow To Go. Since then, I’ve increased my strength and flexibility all while making great friends along the way.”

- Kat | Knoxville, TN

“Great fun and I learned some cool things, too!”

- Richard | Knoxville, TN

Had a wonderful time leading this couples event with some meditation, Thai massage, acro yoga, and of course some champagne! #flowanywhere #namaste

“He does well explaining new moves and walking you through them. And everyone is different in their practice. There is NO judgement but total acceptance.”

- Becca | Knoxville, TN

“Gary is the reason I still take yoga.... Thanks for inspiring me to find my inner peace.”

- Catrina | Knoxville, TN

“Gary's classes leave me feeling physically and mentally rejuvinated. I'm always delighted with the workouts and his inspiring messages.”

- Regan | Knoxville, TN

We love to host free community classes as a thank you for all your support (and because we all need a little extra love during the holidays!) thank you @thrivefunctionalfitness for the sweat and stretch sesh! @bullmans_knoxville

“Thank you Gary for the work you do to shine light and share love!”

- Frank | Florida


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